4 Foods To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

The natural thing to do to keep your teeth healthy is to get rid of sugars by brushing and flossing regularly. However, some foods can be more helpful than others when it comes to promoting healthier teeth and overall oral health. Here are a few foods that have shown promising results in clinical tests.


Black and green tea contains polyphenols, a compound that helps slow down the growth of bacteria in your mouth. With fewer bacteria in your mouth, you have a lower risk of acquiring gum disease and cavities. Rinsing your mouth with black tea ten times a day for one minute can do the trick. Studies have shown that people who did this have significantly less plaque buildup than those who rinsed with water. The plaque was also observed to be smaller and less sticky.


Cheese lower the pH levels in your mouth by neutralizing the plaque acid. Chewing more cheese will increase the saliva production of your mouth, washing the bacteria in the process. Cheese is proven to be more effective at lowering the acid levels in the mouth of teens aged 12 to 15 years old than milk or sugar-free yogurt.


Although it is sweet, raisins do not have sugars that can stick to your teeth. Since it is naturally sweet, it does not contain sucrose, the table sugar that helps bacteria stick to the surface of the teeth. You can also get phytochemicals from raisins, which can help your mouth kill the plaque bacteria that cause cavities to form.

Sugarless Gum

Some experts recommend eating sugarless gum after eating. Chewing the gum helps you secrete more saliva which clears and flushes out the bacteria. Make sure that you are chewing a sugarless gum because sucrose from the regular gum can have adverse effects. The sucrose will help the bacteria produce more plaque by making it easier for them to stick to the teeth surface.

These are some of the foods you can quickly eat to help you develop better oral habits. It is still best to consult a dentist greenville for proper maintenance and teeth health.

4 Benefits Of Purchasing Trespa Quality Products

Trespa is a known meticulously engineered High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) to transform fibers based on wood and resins into a highly resistant, with incredible dimensional stability, building material. Here are other beneficial properties of Trespa.

Color Stable And Weather Resistant

Because Trespa is specially designed for applications outdoors, it is made to be highly resistant to weather. Its color stability and resistance to ultraviolet rays are at its maximum with results from weathering tests that show a classification of 4-5 on the International Grey Scale for almost all colors. Neither sun nor rain will have any significant effect on the surface of the panel. They are also impermeable to acid rain.

Graffiti Proof And Low Maintenance

Because the panel is non-porous in structure, it makes the surface smooth and guarantees to keep it from any dirt accumulation. Trespa doesn’t need regular cleaning. You can clean annually, making the panel life costs at a tremendously low level compared to painting and scaffolding costs of solutions of other cladding. One product goal is to design exterior applications of low maintenance. No protective covers or coatings are necessary for surfaces that are exposed since the material is non-reactive and robust enough.

Trespa is also known to be graffiti proof. You can use a standard graffiti remover to quickly wash away the paint on the surface, making the product ideal to use in hospitals, public buildings, and schools.

Sturdy, Durable, And Tough

The high impact resistance of Trespa, due to its modulus of high tensile strength and elasticity, makes it ideal to use in top places. Compared to hardwood, its dimensional stability, along with its resistance to mold, moisture, rot, and freeze-thaw cycles, is impressively better. Its high-density is consistent throughout that it can withstand and maintain its solidity despite having bolts, screws, and mechanical fixings installed to it. All of its unique properties combined, Trespa is exceptionally durable, keeping away from performance loss under normal conditions.

Fantastic Facades To Enhance Buildings

Using Trespa panels for functional and innovative façade systems is a perfect choice. Whether you use it individually or a combination with other materials, having a Trespa product undoubtedly determines your building’s quality and appearance.

You can use Trespa in various materials in your home! With its versatility and durability, it’s a product worth all your trust and expenses with its limitless possibilities in design.

3 Ways To Repurpose Salvaged Oak Beams

Many people are now turning to salvaged oak beams to use in their homes, whether as the main material, as design enhancements, or to transform into something utterly new. There are several good reasons for using old wood. Aside from saving the environment, these old beams are denser and have amazing texture and character. Here are three ways you can repurpose salvaged wood.

Integrate With Modern Fixtures

The marriage of wood and the industrial look is a happy one. You can use old oak beams as a tabletop and make it the focal point of your dining/kitchen. Place the wood on top of a reclaimed rectangular table and finish it with beeswax and linseed oil to bring the wood’s patterns back to life.

Wood will also break the monotony of steel that the industrial or warehouse look is known for. The earthy browns will also provide warmth to an otherwise sterile-looking room.

Divide Personal Space

You can also use salvaged wood as room dividers. Put planks of similar height and size side by side to build a handy wall. It will provide instant privacy and create extra rooms to use. Painting it with a sealant or a light varnish will protect it and prevent people from getting splinters. You won’t need to spend additional time tacking on extra wall decors or enhancements as the weathered and beaten down look of old wood holds a certain charm.

Borders For Your Garden

Oak beams are also great as borders or terraces for your garden. They can provide a semblance of order to your garden if you use them as low walls in lieu of hedges. Or you can transform them into sturdy planters. Another way to repurpose old beams is to stack them in tiers, drill a hole through the layers and push a metal rod through it. It will act as a post and provide stability to your terrace. You’ll then have more space for your plants.

Old oak beams can still be useful. While you can’t use them as posts anymore, they can be repurposed as new flooring, a low coffee table, or even a small terrace for your garden. All you need is your imagination to bring these old woods back to life.