5 Tips to Help You Avoid Locksmith Scams

Hiring a locksmith Raleigh, NC, can be a daunting task. There are a lot of fake locksmiths lurking around who provide shoddy work or want to take advantage of your trust. Any locksmith scam they do may result in damaged locks, loss of money, and threats to your security.  To avoid those situations, keep these tips in mind to help prevent you from falling prey into any locksmith scams.


#1 See if they have a company name.


Any business must be registered under a legal name. The same goes for any locksmith service. If you find locksmith services that have names like ‘best locksmith company’ or Raleigh locksmith services,’ it should raise a red flag. Be wary of them as more often than not, these businesses are a scam and have no background or registration.


#2 Verify if they have a license.


When your locksmith arrives at your home, checking if they have any license is the initial thing you should do. However, if you’re in a state where locksmiths are not required to get any permit, asking for other types of identification can help you determine they are not a scam.


#3 Get free quotes.


Even if it’s an emergency, any locksmith service requires an estimate first. Before they do their work, request for an estimate. If they declined, don’t pursue the job. Most likely, you will be cheated and overcharged.


#4 Check their location.


Most fraudulent locksmiths don’t have an actual shop. They often have a call center, which is even not local, and technicians who haven’t undergone proper training. When searching for a locksmith, try to get one that has a local address, which you can freely visit anytime.  Never trust any business that operates in the backyard or out of a garage.


#5 Check their tools.


Certified locksmiths are typically well-equipped. If you happen to be locked out of your home and your locksmith insists on drilling out the whole lock, you should start to be alarmed. Professional locksmiths often have the most advanced equipment that can unlock any door in a breeze. If the option provided is to break the lock, they are not suited for the job.


Locksmith scams are becoming prevalent, make use of these helpful tips to get only the best locksmith services in Raleigh, NC.