Top 5 Occupations for Maritime Course Graduates

The marine industry will offer you a lot of career opportunities in itself. It is one of the most exciting fields that is made for those who love to explore yet wants to have lucrative job opportunities. If you are a graduate of any marine studies, here are some of the occupations at sea you can consider.

Shipping Broker

The job of a shipbroker is to arrange deals that has anything to do with buying and selling different ships and some it shipping cargo. Aside from the theoretical knowledge, this career is also about your presence in the market and how you can learn to use the different ropes of the game to your advantage. While it is one of the most competitive careers out there, it is also one of the most rewarding fields. You will act as the link between the charterers and the ship owners.

Shipbuilding Engineer

This job would require you to deal with the majority of the engineering aspect of a ship’s design. You will work by constructing boats and other marine vessels. It is similar to most conventional engineering fields, and you will have to go through four years of training to finally work in a shipbuilding yard.

Marine Engineer

Similar to the shipbuilding engineer, you will also deal with the mechanics of the ship. You will be in charge of the maintenance and repairs that are needed in the ship’s machinery. If you are interested in the internal and technical aspects of the ship, this might be the job for you.

Naval Architect

This profession involves careful planning and designing of the ships that are going to sea. If you consider a career in this field, you are guaranteed to enjoy a lot of rewarding opportunities.

Maritime Consultant

Consultants are those who provide expert advice to corporations that are engaged in the marine business. They can also suggest better routes for trading and deal with other shipping concerns that will boost, further, and advance their clients’ business ventures positively. To become one, you will have to gain several years of experience in the marine industry.

Being a maritime studies graduate will present you with many unique career and job opportunities. If you are interested in any of these professions, you can start by enrolling in affordable maritime courses.