What is A Slip and Fall Case?

Many people get injured every year when they slip and fall on defective stairs, a rough patch of ground, or a wet floor. These accidents can be severe as you can easily break over-extend a joint, tear a muscle, or break a bone. If you slip and fall on another individual’s property, the owner may be held accountable for your injuries. In Orlando, there are personal injury attorneys you can right away.  Get the help you need in obtaining the compensation you deserve through a slip and fall settlement.


What is A Slip and Fall Case?


Slip and falls cases consists of situations where an individual has fallen. There are times when the property owner is liable for this mishap. In other situations, he or she is not. Remember, each ordinary person must watch where he is going.


Types of Slip And Fall Cases


Slip and fall cases are typically due to wet and slippery cases though, it has a lot more under its umbrella. Other scenarios include accidents due to cracks in concrete or sidewalk, loose floorboards, cable wires or extension cords in walkways, broken steps, or absence of an adequate handrail. Debris left on flooring and unexpected obstacles in hallways also fall under these cases.


Defining Liability


For the property owner to be held liable for the injuries you incurred from slipping and falling on their property, one of the following statements must be present:


The property owner or an employee must have caused the worn or torn area, the spill or other unsafe or slippery surface or exterior to be underfoot.


The property owner or a staff must have been aware of the unsafe or slippery surface but did not do anything about it.


The property owner or staff should have been aware of unsafe or slippery surface since a “reasonable” entity taking care of the premises should have found and repaired or removed it.


The third scenario is the most usual, but is also less definite than the other two due to the circumstance that the property owner must have been aware of the situation. Most cases on liability are often concluded through common sense. The decision is mostly based on whether property owner took necessary efforts to keep his property safe and clean.


If you slipped and fallen in another person’s property,  Orlando personal injury attorneys can help you file your claim. While things may be challenging, they can help you prove your case and get the compensation you deserve.