4 Top Cities in Canada With Amazing Nightlife

When snow blankets your country for more than 7 months each year, it’s no surprise that people around would find ways to enjoy the nightlife. With that, Canada boasts a lot of awesome dance clubs, stunning casinos, and rowdy pubs. If you want to experience all the fun, secure that ETA Canada right away as here the top cities in Canada that will bring you an amazing nightlife.

1. Montreal, Quebec

What Montreal offers to the visitors is a European feel added with urban sophistication. You can enjoy luxurious downtown hotels, stunning casinos, and fancy parks. Don’t miss visiting the Montreal Casino, situated on Ile Notre Dame. It hosts live music events, poker tournaments, and gambling of all kinds to make your night a lively one. 

2. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is easily one of the well-loved cities in Canada. Thanks to its reliable public transit system, which allows you to take a taxi or Uber literally anywhere, it’s is also one of the best cities in Canada to experience the amazing nightlife. Dance your hearts out and booze at Vertigo Toronto or El Convento Rico. Check out other nightclubs offering vibrant vibes like Lost And Found, Unjun Nightclub and the Wildflower. Toronto surely has a lot to offer to everyone!

3. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Check-in on any of the downtown hotels and quickly experience the amazing nightlife Halifax promises to its visitors. Go to Argyle Street and Spring Garden where most pubs and bars are situated. If you love music, don’t miss out Seahorse during Thursdays, and the Casino on Fridays. Both clubs also offer intimate shows on the other days of the week. If dancing is your thing, there’s Dome and Toothy Freak, where you can booze out and showcase your moves.

4. St. Johns, Newfoundland

St. Johns in Newfoundland has the most pubs per capita than any other city in Canada. This number means that you’re only a few meters away from the next club. One of the best weekend destinations is George Street that houses most of these watering holes. Check out Wig Pen, 3 Wise Monkeys, Irish Murphy’s for an ecstatic night.

Enticed to experience the fun in these Canadian cities? Secure that ETA Canada right away and get ready to booze out and experience the amazing nightlife!