4 Foods To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

The natural thing to do to keep your teeth healthy is to get rid of sugars by brushing and flossing regularly. However, some foods can be more helpful than others when it comes to promoting healthier teeth and overall oral health. Here are a few foods that have shown promising results in clinical tests.


Black and green tea contains polyphenols, a compound that helps slow down the growth of bacteria in your mouth. With fewer bacteria in your mouth, you have a lower risk of acquiring gum disease and cavities. Rinsing your mouth with black tea ten times a day for one minute can do the trick. Studies have shown that people who did this have significantly less plaque buildup than those who rinsed with water. The plaque was also observed to be smaller and less sticky.


Cheese lower the pH levels in your mouth by neutralizing the plaque acid. Chewing more cheese will increase the saliva production of your mouth, washing the bacteria in the process. Cheese is proven to be more effective at lowering the acid levels in the mouth of teens aged 12 to 15 years old than milk or sugar-free yogurt.


Although it is sweet, raisins do not have sugars that can stick to your teeth. Since it is naturally sweet, it does not contain sucrose, the table sugar that helps bacteria stick to the surface of the teeth. You can also get phytochemicals from raisins, which can help your mouth kill the plaque bacteria that cause cavities to form.

Sugarless Gum

Some experts recommend eating sugarless gum after eating. Chewing the gum helps you secrete more saliva which clears and flushes out the bacteria. Make sure that you are chewing a sugarless gum because sucrose from the regular gum can have adverse effects. The sucrose will help the bacteria produce more plaque by making it easier for them to stick to the teeth surface.

These are some of the foods you can quickly eat to help you develop better oral habits. It is still best to consult a dentist greenville for proper maintenance and teeth health.