3 Ways To Repurpose Salvaged Oak Beams

Many people are now turning to salvaged oak beams to use in their homes, whether as the main material, as design enhancements, or to transform into something utterly new. There are several good reasons for using old wood. Aside from saving the environment, these old beams are denser and have amazing texture and character. Here are three ways you can repurpose salvaged wood.

Integrate With Modern Fixtures

The marriage of wood and the industrial look is a happy one. You can use old oak beams as a tabletop and make it the focal point of your dining/kitchen. Place the wood on top of a reclaimed rectangular table and finish it with beeswax and linseed oil to bring the wood’s patterns back to life.

Wood will also break the monotony of steel that the industrial or warehouse look is known for. The earthy browns will also provide warmth to an otherwise sterile-looking room.

Divide Personal Space

You can also use salvaged wood as room dividers. Put planks of similar height and size side by side to build a handy wall. It will provide instant privacy and create extra rooms to use. Painting it with a sealant or a light varnish will protect it and prevent people from getting splinters. You won’t need to spend additional time tacking on extra wall decors or enhancements as the weathered and beaten down look of old wood holds a certain charm.

Borders For Your Garden

Oak beams are also great as borders or terraces for your garden. They can provide a semblance of order to your garden if you use them as low walls in lieu of hedges. Or you can transform them into sturdy planters. Another way to repurpose old beams is to stack them in tiers, drill a hole through the layers and push a metal rod through it. It will act as a post and provide stability to your terrace. You’ll then have more space for your plants.

Old oak beams can still be useful. While you can’t use them as posts anymore, they can be repurposed as new flooring, a low coffee table, or even a small terrace for your garden. All you need is your imagination to bring these old woods back to life.