The Importance of a Qualified MEP Coordinator

Modern construction projects are increasing in complexity at a speed that provides challenges to even the most experienced professionals. New materials, new techniques, demands for ever more complex systems, and energy efficiency are all playing their part in making the services of an experienced and professional MEP coordinator essential if the project is to meet the client’s delivery requirements.


So, what exactly does an MEP coordinator do? In short, this professional (who possesses a wide range of technical knowledge) will provide management insight to ensure that the various aspects of the infrastructure and services that are part of a building that has been designed work in harmony once the project has been completed – and this is accomplished through the coordination of the efforts of a variety of employees and service providers. They will often be utilised on projects where Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies are driving the core deliverables.

To ensure the project’s success, it is essential that the MEP coordinator be involved in the planning process as soon as possible – typically when the plans for the project are first drawn up. They provide technical and management input, which allows for costs such as labour, materials, and other consultancy fees to be factored into the entire cost structure.


They would also then review and provide input into the BIM services technical documents related to the project. This advisory service can range from the impact of environmental assessments, fine-tuning of the physical blueprints, and ensuring that all documentation related to regulatory requirements has been completed and submitted timeously. They will also provide input into human resources issues, such as ensuring that employees have the qualifications to deliver on their mandate.


During construction, the MEP coordinator will ensure that communication between all parties is optimal. This liaison function is vital for the successful completion of the project on time and within budget.


In short, a qualified MEP coordinator is essential in this day and age. Their input will help to ensure the project is completed to the client’s satisfaction.