How To Be A Leadership Speaker


There is always a need for someone to step and become the leader of any group of individuals and none in today’s world who is more expected to stand and speak more so that those that are chosen to lead, whether that be by popular vote in the case of politicians or other ballot inspired offices or those who have been chosen by others to lead us that are commonly managers. Occasionally there are those that just decide to lead and who over time and through their actions and words gain followers and supporters. You will find a number of these by looking through social media. Everyday people with different views and beliefs who through the power of social influence develop and grow a crowd of the willing to listen.

For the purpose of this article, I am referring to those who have been moved into the role of manager, whether that be a department, a branch, an executive or the CEO of a company. Each of these roles is leadership roles ad each of which requires a leadership speaker. Leaders require a number of qualities but if they cannot move their message to those that are meant to be following, then they will make for a poor leader and will either have to move on to another role or acquire the skills to be more effective in their role.

The role of a Leadership Speaker is more complex than it was 20 years ago. The reason for this is due to social media and the Gen Y make up of our audiences. Those who identify with being Gen Y have grown up with technology in a way that Gen X did not. Gen Y has become so entrenched in social media and technology in general that to get any clarity of message through, speakers need to use language that is short sharp and punchy, otherwise they cannot get their message across.

Today’s leaders have a challenge in cutting through the general noise and need to ensure that their message in easily understood and delivered with a call to action that is understandable and memorable. Anything less and you have missed your opportunity to convey your message.

Today’s leaders need to be prepared for a challenge even in public forums. They need to be confident and have a believability that is transparent to the audience. They also need to give back in the form of a rationale that is inclusive and allows the buy-in of the audience giving them a base reason for pledging their support.

They need to quickly engage, inform and build a like-minded relationship with their audience if they want any actionable outcome. Anything less than that it today’s social media swipe left or right world means that you have lost the opportunity to gain their support, as well as meaning that this individual will be a much tougher crowd the next time you need to convey your message.

A successful leadership speaker also needs to follow up and continue to build their message, and the savvier of these leave the face to face forum once delivered then move their message into the electronic world, whether that be email follow-ups, corporate website blog updates or any other method that is bound to be seen digitally within the companies realm.