The Best Scanners To Buy

They may not be in the vogue anymore, but if you are looking for the top-notch scanner to purchase today, you are on the right page!

All in one printer that offer scanning features offer a valuable alternative to the standard scanners for home-based users, for the business that relies on high quality a fast scanning, a standalone scanner can be a God-Send!


Here is the list of 4 best scanners for both personal and business usage.

  1. Panasonic KV-S1027C:

It is the best scanner for the documents. It has the optical scan resolution up to 600*600 DPI. The KV-S1927C has the scanning speed of up to 45 ppm. The interface includes USB and has the feeder capacity of 100!

The document scanner is all about being able to process large amounts of documents in an intuitive and seamless fashion, and being able to integrate the data collected in existing document management systems.

  1. Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark ll:

Best scanner for the pictures!

It has the optical scan resolution of up to 9600 * 9600 dpi. It has the scanning speed of up to 8ppm and has a USB interface.

The flatbed scanners are the best suit to get versatile photos in high resolution, and Canon CanoScan 9000F ticks all the right box.

  1. Epson workforce DS-860N:

It is best for network scanner with the optical resolution of up to 600*600 dpi. It’s scanning speed is 65 ppm, and it has two interface which includes Ethernet, and USB with a feeder capacity of 85!

The most important feature of a network scanner is that it should have an Ethernet port.


  1. Brother ADW-1600W:

Best known for the portability!

It has the optical scan resolution up to 600 * 600 dpi with a scanning speed of 18 ppm. It has to interface, i.e. USB and Wi-Fi with a feeder capacity of 20.